Digitalization, which claims to transform all sectors from retail, finance, education to health and even social life, which has joined our language in recent years, forces both individuals and companies to change. Those who keep up with this change, more precisely those who can catch the spirit of the time, will be able to carry their business to the future with the rapid growth they will provide.

Accessing and sharing data is the first step of digitization. To achieve this, fast, reliable and uninterrupted network solutions are required.

Ricon, which was established in 2002 and produces mobile communication solutions for businesses; is a 100% domestic hardware and software manufacturer whose research, design, and development are carried out by Turkish engineers. By providing the most suitable and economical solutions for your stores and dealers with the industrial standards it provides in all its products, durable equipment working under all kinds of difficult conditions, customized according to different needs, configuration and software; to improve the quality of service and ensure that your business is taking place in the digitalized world, our most important goal.

Why Ricon?

  • Since 2002, the production and the most appropriate solutions to your project integrator with our experience we guarantee to achieve the most affordable rates.

  • With our Ricon devices using cellular network technology, we help you create resources for your new business plans and growth by reducing connection costs with your dealers.

  • With our Ricon devices that can work with active/active backup, we prevent your data loss by ensuring uninterrupted communication with your stores and dealers.

  • Our central management platform; With the Ricon Management System (RMS), we reduce your operating costs and increase your service quality by performing remote installation, management, SLA service quality measurements, live monitoring of the network, fault tracking, remote software updates.

  • With Ricon Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) technology, there is no need to send employees to dealers. It realizes the automatic installation of Ricon devices by simply plugging in and taking energy. By eliminating the need to visit the store in case of malfunction, we save on installation and field support team costs.

  • Thanks to Ricon mobile cellular network technologies, we shorten your store opening times by preventing delays caused by the establishment and commissioning of landlines.

Ricon Success Stories

As you can see from our website, Ricon products retail stores located in Turkey, supermarket chains and is actively used in the dealer. (

After the projects carried out with Ricon, new store opening times in chain markets have been shortened, the time lost due to connection failures has been minimized, thanks to the reports received on our management platform, the quality of the connection has been measured and service quality and productivity increase have been achieved.

The leading paint companies of our country have also preferred Ricon products to strengthen the technological infrastructure of their dealers and to provide a competitive advantage. Color mixing machines used in paint dealers are connected to the systems in the center via Ricon routers and receive the required paint ratios to provide the paint color desired by their customers. In this way, the service quality provided to customers has been standardized for all dealers, and a major step has been taken towards the digitalization of the company by centralizing the data.

Date: 07.12.2020

Chain Stores and Multiple Dealer Location Solutions