IT-Network departments of companies; The most important issue while building their communication infrastructure; the structure they will choose; it does not contain unexpected bugs. While making improvements, they are reluctant to bring the system to a slower, unsolvable state, and they want to minimize these possibilities.

The most discussed issue today? Should I set up a stand-alone MPLS Network router structure? or is it SD-WAN?

In order to decide on this issue, we must first ask ourselves the following questions:

1- If I choose SD-WAN; Has a solution been found for existing bugs? Since there are few examples yet, how many bugs can I encounter and how can I solve it?

2- Is there any security controller in the location where the SD-WAN is located? (No on-site security) In addition to management and configuration in SD-WAN technology, security principles also work centrally and these policies are still distributed with traditional communication methods. For this reason, SD-WAN technology may be much more vulnerable to external or internal attacks and infiltrations than stand-alone router structures. What kind of measures can and can be taken in this regard?

3- Can I solve SD-WAN support with my own staff, since it is not widespread, or will additional outsourcing be required? Will it create an additional cost to my company?

4- If I am going to use SD-WAN, have I researched the interconnection high speed costs? (Because now, due to the structural needs of SD-WAN, I cannot use low-speed methods such as xDSL and FTTX even if I do not need it)

5- Unfortunately, end-to-end QoS is not supported on a WAN that communicates with only SD-WAN structure. For this reason, my mutual packages will move in electronic order without prioritization policies, and bandwidth optimization will not be made in line with my company's business dynamics. For exactly this reason, high speed / bandwidth will be the only solution as a solution to the issue, even if I will continue to use the stand-alone routers I am trying to change, and it will be inevitable for my company to increase costs.

6- Is there a standard in software-hardware, or will I be supplier dependent?

7- Can I include a TDM-based (SDH, PDH…) connection type in the network in SD-WAN?

Date: 01.10.2020