Ricon products meets the compliance requirements of safety, health and environmental regulations. Protection ensures RICON products meet the expectations of our customers, employees and the communities in which our products are marketed and used. We conform the restrictions related to exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic field and its effects to environmental health, physiological processes (human body, etc.).

CE Certificate testing items include:

  • Health: EN 62311
  • Safety: EN 60950
  • EMC: EN 301 489, EN 55022, EN 55024
  • Radio: EN 300 328, EN 301 511, EN 301 908

Declaration of Conformity 

DoC S9922L-LTE.pdf

DoC S9922M2E-LTE.pdf

DoC S9922M4E-LTE.pdf

DoC S9922M22E-LTE.pdf

DoC S9922MC-LTE.pdf

DoC S9922XL-LTE.pdf

DoC S9930-LTE.pdf

DoC S9955IN-5G.pdf

DoC S9955OUT-5G.pdf

DoC S9960ME-4GE LTE.pdf

DoC S9960ME-4GE.pdf

DoC S9960ME-8GE LTE.pdf

DoC S9960ME-8GE.pdf

DoC S9980DSL-LTE.pdf

Certificate of Complience 

CE S9922L-LTE.pdf

CE S9922M2-LTE.pdf

CE S9922M4-LTE.pdf

CE S9922MC-LTE.pdf

CE S9922XL-LTE.pdf

CE S9930-LTE.pdf

CE S9955IN-5G.pdf

CE S9955OUT-5G.pdf

CE S9960ME-4GE LTE.pdf

CE S9960ME-4GE.pdf

CE S9960ME-8GE LTE.pdf

CE S9960ME-8GE.pdf

CE S9980DSL-LTE.pdf

RoHS Certificate (on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipmen) testing items include:

  • 2011/65/EU.

RoHS S9922L-LTE.pdf

RoHS S9922M2E-LTE.pdf

RoHS S9922M4E-LTE.pdf

RoHS S9922M22E-LTE.pdf

RoHS S9922MC-LTE.pdf

RoHS S9922XL-LTE.pdf

RoHS S9930-LTE.pdf

RoHS S9955IN-5G.pdf

RoHS S9955OUT-5G.pdf

RoHS S9960ME-4GE LTE.pdf

RoHS S9960ME-4GE.pdf

RoHS S9960ME-8GE LTE.pdf

RoHS S9960ME-8GE.pdf

RoHS S9980DSL-LTE.pdf

E-Mark CertificateE-Mark E57

E-Mark S9922L-LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9922M2E-LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9922M4E-LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9922M22E-LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9922MC-LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9922XL-LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9930-LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9955IN-5G.pdf

E-Mark S9955OUT-5G.pdf

E-Mark S9960ME-4GE LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9960ME-4GE.pdf

E-Mark S9960ME-8GE LTE.pdf

E-Mark S9960ME-8GE.pdf

E-Mark S9980DSL-LTE.pdf

FCC Certificate:

FFC S9922L-LTE.pdf

FFC S9922M2E-LTE.pdf

FFC S9922M4E-LTE.pdf

FFC S9922M22E-LTE.pdfFFC S9960ME-8GE.pdf

FFC S9922MC-LTE.pdf

FFC S9922XL-LTE.pdf

FFC S9930-LTE.pdf

FFC S9955IN-5G.pdf

FFC S9955OUT-5G.pdf

FFC S9960ME-4GE LTE.pdf

FFC S9960ME-4GE.pdf

FFC S9960ME-8GE LTE.pdf

FFC S9960ME-8GE.pdf

FFC S9980DSL-LTE.pdf