Ricon Mobile is an international hardware provider in design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced appliances and industrial PCs. Since 2002 experiences, Ricon provides a wide selection of solutions with high quality and performance for various industries. LTE Router, 5G Router, Mobile Router are our most preferred products.

Industrial Routers

M and L Series

RICON Mobile Router; It provides fast, secure, high quality and uninterrupted connection to the offices or branches of the enterprises. RICON M/L Series 4.5G/3G is a mobile network router based on WiFi and VPN technologies. It can be managed from the main center, easy to install.

ME LTE F/O Series

The RICON ME LTE F/O Series is designed and manufactured by Ricon Mobile Inc., which is based on industrial grade quality 4.5G cellular network technology. It is a fiber optic terminator switch that allows the distribution of fiber lines to companies or end users via Ethernet.

DSL Series

RICON DSL series are designed and manufactured by Ricon Mobile Inc., it based on fixed ADSL and VDSL chipset and 4.5G cellular network technology. DSL series comes with single port xDSL supporting physical RJ11 port and single module single SIM hardware type. 

5G Series

Ricon Mobile S9955 industrial router Industrial grade quality, designed in accordance with 5G cellular network technology. 5G router series have two different models that S9955I-5G (Indoor) and S9955O-5G (Outdoor).

HyperNET S9930-LTE

The RICON S9930-LTE Router is designed and manufactured by Ricon Mobile Inc. with infrastructure based on home or small-class LTE cellular network technology.  Supports traditional router functions such as VPN, firewall, NAT, SNMP, DHCP.

Vehicle HotSpot Series

Ricon Vehicle HotSpot Series 4.5G routers runs in vehicles or any public areas as a transparent gateway and provides client access logs compatible with 5651 Public Logging Law to the Central Management Server (RMS).

Digital Signage


RICON i-Survey is specially designed to collect quality real-time feedback about the experiences that clients and individuals collect at customer visits, healthcare facilities, service-points, etc. and to monitor these experiences. All content are steered from the central body and the answers collected in graphs and tables at this center.

S8000 i-Display

RICON i-Display offers the ability to remotely control, manage and publicly display current sales campaigns and opportunity products and other promotional announcements and advertisements of supermarkets, shops, and stores in a very effective way. Our content management software is corresponding to new, additional design.

I-Smart IoT

i-City Compator

RICON i-City Compactor, has a mechanism able to compress waste five times its own size. This ability helps decrease; the costs for personel, qualitative, as well as quantitative, the total number of vehicles designated for this work and finally the fuel costs related with this work. The product works with solar power.

S6000 i-Temp

RICON i-Temp S6000 enables the controlling of devices like air conditioners and other remotecontrolled devices. The system provides controlling both by the RMS (Ricon Management System) and the devices’ original remote controls about ambient temperature, air-conditioner operation status, etc. 

RICON TrackBin®

RICON TrackBin is especially designed product for the waste management sector. It monitors the fill rate of the containers from a remote, central body and enables the programming for the unloading and emptying.

Management Platform

Remote Management Platforms

Remote accessibility to the RICON Remote Management Platform from any location gives the user fingertip control over multiple devices allowing the user to control and resolve any problem within a very short period of time.