i-City Compator

To improve urban aesthetics and quality, the RICON i-City Compactor is a new generation and modern garbage container.


RICON i-City Compactor, has a mechanism able to compress waste five times its own size. The storage ability requires emptying every 2-3 days when they are full. This ability helps decrease; the costs for personel, qualitative, as well as quantitative, the total number of vehicles designated for this work and finally the fuel costs related with this work. The product works with solar power. It has a management software that can remotely monitor the fill rate from a central body, so that the product can be utilized following an optimal route as well as the best work plan.Streets with high pedestrian traffic and density, cinemas, cultural centers, shopping malls, football arenas and concert halls, certain spots at universities are the ideal spots for this product. Because of its clean and distinguished look, it supposes a positive perception towards garbage cans. All four sides of the product can be furnished with advertisements.

Key Features
  • Solar Powered Waste Compactor
  • Reduces Collections 4 times or More
  • Eliminates Overflowing Bins
  • No Trenching or Wiring Needed
  • Reliable Safe and Easy to Use
  • Advertisement Mounts Provide Marketing Platform
  • Modern and Convenient Design


Functional Specifications

  • i-City Compactor uses the sun’s energy to automatically compact trash at the point of disposal, dramatically increasing capacity 5 times within the same footprint as ordinary receptacles.

  •  Increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut related fuel use and emissions by 80%. Enclosed design keeps pests out and litter in. 

  • i-City Compactor has proved successful in urban streets, parks, colleges, sports venues and in all weather conditions.

  • Anywhere a lot of trash is generated the i-City Trash Compactor offers a compelling solution that is more environmentally preferable and operationally efficient.

  • With the i-City Compactor; which is needed due to the difficulty of garbage collection and transportation, we target faster, healthier, more economical and sustainable collection of garbage in cities and central locations. 

  • In order to reduce costs by 50%;

    • Garbage cans on the streets should gradually be removed based on trainings,

    • Three times more waste should be stored in rain - and sun-proof tanks,

    • Trashes should be stored in rain- and sun-proof tanks,

    • Truck capacities and frequencies should be adjusted based on the amount of waste and,

    • Garbage collection routers and collection periods should be adjusted by container fullness levels into consideration

Usage Area

  • Municipalities

  • Urban people

  • Recycling businesses

  • Storage tank manufacturers

  • Garbage truck manufacturers

  • Fullness monitoring device manufacturers

Photovoltaic System

  • Polycrystalline silicon cell module

  • Nominal Output: 30 Watts

  • Shock-dampening mount system

  • PV Panel protected by polycarbonate bubble

  • Spill-proof, sealed maintenance-free 12V battery

  • Charge maintained by Pulse Width Modulator

  • Cordless, self powered unit requires no wiring

  • Fully portable - no installation required

Overall Machine Dimensions

  • Height: 50.4” (1281 mm)

  • Width: 26.1 (664 mm)

  • Depth: 25.9” (657 mm)

  • Handle height (ADA Compliant) : 41.6” (1056 mm)

  • Weight 300 lbs (136 kg)

  • Trash Hopper Insertion Opening: 6” x 17”(152 mm x 432 mm)

  • Bin volume: 32 Gallons

  • Liner bag: 32” H, 92” circumference (recommended thickness at least 2 mil)

  • Conforms to ADHD standards

Compaction Features

  • Compaction Force 1250 Ibs. max. (570 kg)

  • Cycle time 41 seconds (users can deposit trash during cycle-no lockout)

  • Motor size 1/6 HP-DC gear-motor

  • System Voltage: 12 Volts DC

  • Drive System: Gear motor with chain drive (non hydraulic); ANSI No.40 

  • Heavy-duty chains

  • Fully automated, IC Processor controlled system senses trash level, fullness and machine status

  • 3-color LED status lamps indicate compacted trash level, machine status and error codes

  • Unique design achieves deep ram penetration

  • Vertical ram provides even compaction


  • RoHS Compliant

  • Galvanized metal sheet steel interior and exterior construction (recycled content)

  • Heavy duty plastic side panels for dent and scratch resistance(recycled content) 

  • Exterior finish: Polyester TGIC powder-coat finish for outdoor and salt-spray durability 

  • Trash Bin: single bin is leak proof made out of low density made out of polyethylene plastic

Security Features

  • CE approved

  • Fully interlocked access doors protect users and service personnel 

  • Locked front trash removal door

  • Separately keyed service access

  • Fault-tolerant design for trash hopper insertion door prevents access to compaction area

  • Low voltage system

Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Why is Such a Device Necessary?

In ever growing cities, it is necessary to collect the garbage of the products consumed where people crowd, meet, relax or entertain collectively. Because putting big-sized garbage containers to such places will cause disfiguration, smaller garbage cans are used, which are soon filled up and overflowed, causing environmental pollution and decreasing the urban quality perception.

For solving this problem, we have developed a project for container which is small in size but can compact garbage 5 times its volume. We conceive this product as a modern container so as to improve urban aesthetics and quality, and it will be capable of holding publicity posters

  • Where Will It be Used?

It is ideal for crowded main streets with heavy pedestrian traffic; concert areas, music venues, celebration areas, sports fields, waiting areas, universities, school gardens, airports, trains and train stations, metro and sea transportation waiting lounges etc.

  • How Does It Save?

It will ensure savings in the expenditure of staff and garbage collection from garbage containers, which currently necessitate at least two collections a day. Our highly innovative i-City Compactor possesses a garbage compacting mechanism which enables storing 5 times more garbage compared with its size, and this means only one collection every two or three days, reducing labor costs and the number of workers, and, as a result, the number of garbage trucks and fuel allocated.

Instead of periodic collection visits in fixed times, the new containers will only be collected when they are full as it will be possible to monitor their garbage volume remotely.. Additionally, three sides of the container will be suitable for attaching ads and this will enable an additional income for its investor.

  •  What About Cost and Return?

The organizations to invest in i-City Compactor will recover their investment amount in a short period like 1/2 years, and this means direct profit in the years to follow.The remote monitoring module and the electronic component are located inside the container and they are not seen from outside. Only opened by a key, the container will weight about 200 kg.

  • Do Bags Get Too Heavy?

Customers have not had problems with bad weight. We have designed the i-City Compactor to be simple and ergonomically friendly to use. Weight can also be controlled using a five position switch.

  •  Is the Machine Safe to Use?

Yes. The hopper prevents hands from reaching the compaction area, and the unit locks. The motor will not operate with the door open. The machine also runs on a safe with low voltage.

  •  Is It Susceptible to Vandalism?

The i-City Compactor is made tough from heavy-gauge galvanized steel, polycarbonate shield and high impact ABS plastic sides. The i-City Compactor resists scratches, dents and grafitti and units are bolted down for added security.

  • How Much Sunlight is Needed?

The i-City compactor needs no direct sunlight. It runs on a 12V battery that is kept charged by its solar panel on sunny or cloudy days. The battery provides a power reserve for several weeks, so it performs well in Northern latitudes.

  • How Hard is It to Maintain?

Maintainin the i-City Compactor is very easy. Preventive maintaining includes, routine chain lubrication every year and battery placement about every 4-5 years.

  •  Does Holding Compacted Trash Create Odor Problems?

No. The i-City Compactor is an enclosed system, so odor are contained inside. Customers have reported improved odor control compared to open-air containers.

  •  Is It Resistant to Sand and Water?

Yes. The exterior has passed a 10-year accelerated life-cycle corrosion test. i-City Compactor has moving parts and the simple enclosed design helps keep out sand. The powdercoat finish is designed for long life in icy and marine environments.

  •  Is It Expensive?

While more expensive than a regular garbage container, the i-City Compactor reduces collection requirements 5 times or more, saving thousands over its lifetime.You can contact us for a custom saving analysis.