The graphical user web interface is easily configured with the Ricon management system. Ricon management system, which brings together the management power, can provide access to all remote points. Although all content is managed centrally, the user's problem is solved in a short time. Allowing the redistribution of valuable resources, the ricon management system shares live reports.

The user, who can access from anywhere, evaluates the problem in a short time. Having the data ready for use provides great convenience. The rms system, which provides the best way to know the consumers, offers all data management services. Brands benefit from the rms system in order to clearly analyze the situation they are in. By analyzing the data, brands can make future-oriented decisions.

Ricon Management System Features

Offering a unique service, the rms system is equipped according to the needs of the customers. Thanks to the customized equipment, the customer's needs are addressed. Device management and remote connection are actively used by companies. Compared to similar products, the rms system is extremely economical. While the warranty period of other products is shorter, the rms system provides many years of warranty service.

Ricon Management System Installation

RMS system is established by field teams. Training is provided during installation and all features are explained. Companies that want to get rid of the installation cost prefer the rms system. If necessary, instant customer service is provided to brands. New hardware demands from brands are met quickly.

Ricon Management System Major Projects

There are many corporate projects ranging from large stores to hospitals. In addition to Turkey, various banks also use RMS systems in Spain. RMS systems are also preferred in betting terminals. It is possible to see rms systems in food and beverage vending machines and theater ticket machines. Connection problems in brands are minimized and productivity is increased.

The ricon management system, which saves a great deal of money for brands, solves the malfunction by connecting remotely in case of malfunctions. Ricon management system, which has a high guarantee, has been used for many years without the need to change the device. It is possible to come across the name of the ricon management system in secure internet projects. Live reports can be received, as well as retrospective reports. The rms system, which reduces communication costs, provides quality and secure communication.

Remote Bidirectional Data Management with Rms Ricon Management System