RICON P9922MC PCBA Integrated Router, by Ricon Mobile Inc. industrial grade quality, designed and manu[1]factured in accordance with 3G/LTE cellular network technology to be integrated inside any electronic hardware needs wireless connectivity. With the embedded cellular module, it is widely used in many cases such as ATM connection, remote office security connection, data collection etc.

Ricon Mobile P9922MC router provides maximum service to customers while Zero Touch-SMS installation minimizes the need for field service with easy and automatic product installation service. P9922MC Router, Single Module Single SIM hardware type. The best throughput value of the P9922MC Router is 200 Mbps. The unique feature of the P9922MC Router is that it is online and redundant over the network between WAN, WLAN, 3G/LTE network. This feature allows the P9922MC to provide maximum network availability and reduce the likelihood of network failure to prevent losses due to network failures.

Mobile P9922MC routers are web-based and easily routed through CLI. In addition, the Ricon Management System Controller (RMSC) successfully accomplishes the goal of reducing the maintenance costs with the ability to access all the Ricon products in the network and to access instant and statistical data on the web environment and manage them 100%.

Key Features

5G/LTE/3.5G support, 2.5G/3G compatibility

1 x 10/100TBase Ethernet LAN interface

1 x 10/100TBase Ethernet LAN/WAN interface

1 x RS232/RS485 interface (optional)

1 x SIM slot

Single GSM module



WEB user interface UI/CLI/SNMP/Telnet/SSH


Component-level industrial design

2x2 LTE MIMO SMA antenna

2 x 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi antenna

802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi

MODBUS-TCP protocol support (Optional)