Gigabit access, Gigabit SFP uplink

 ♦ All series supports ethernet port and SFP port combination, which enables users to flexibly build networking to meet the needs of various scenarios.  

 ♦ Support non-blocking wire-speed forwarding. 

 ♦ Support full-duplex based on IEEE802.3x and half-duplex based on backpressure. 

Intelligent PoE power supply

♦ 16*10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 ports, meeting the needs of security monitoring, teleconferencing system, wireless coverage, and other scenarios. 

♦ IEEE 802.3af/at PoE standard, without damaging non-PoE devices. 

♦ Priority system for PoE port, it will supply power to the high priority level port first when the power budget is insufficient and avoid overwork of the device. 

♦ PoE network management, realize PoE port power allocation, priority setting, port power status viewing, time scheduling, etc. 


♦ 802.1X authentication. 

♦ Port isolation, Storm control. 

♦ IP-MAC-VLAN-Port binding. 

Strong business processing capability

♦ IEEE802.1Q VLAN, flexible VLAN division, Voice VLAN and QinQ configuration  

♦ QoS, Priority mode based on 802.1P, Port & DSCP, queue scheduling algorithm including Equ, SP, WRR & SP+WRR. 

♦ ALC, filter data packet through configuring matching rules, processing operation & time permission, and provide flexible and safe access control. 

♦ IGMP V1/V2 and IGMP Snooping. 


♦ Static and dynamic aggregation. 

Stable and reliable

♦ CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS. 

♦ Low power consumption, no fan, aluminum shell.

♦ The user-friendly panel, it can show the device status through the LED indicator of PWR, SYS, Link, L/A, PoE. 

♦ The DIN rail industrial switch series products do not have a power supply by default and need to be purchased.  

Easy operation and maintenance management 

♦ HTTPS, SSLV3, and SSHV1/V2. 

♦ RMON, system log, LLDP, and port traffic statistics.  

♦ CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, Ping test, and cable diagnose. 

♦ Web management, CLI command line (Console, Telnet), SNMP (V1/V2/V3).