RMSC - Ricon Management System Controller



RICON Management System Controller provides hardware (4.5G routers) and software (RMSC Ricon Management System Controller) for data connectivity.

RICON 4.5G routers are extremely easy to use and slimly configured using build in graphical user web interface (GUI) or by using RICON RMSC Management Platform System Controller. RICON RMSC Management System Controller is where the power of managing RICON 4.5G routers all comes together. This Platform centralizes access to all remote nodes, giving the user ultimate management control over the hardware. RICON RMSC Management System Contoller provides full control over data transfer and network diagnostics of thousands of 4.5G routers and mobile devices on the network. 

Remote accessibility to the RICON RMSC Management System Controller from any location gives the user fingertip control over multiple devices allowing the user to assess, diagnose, manage, control and resolve any problem within a very short period of time. 

RICON RMSC Management System Contoller provides extreme reduction in the unpredictability of managing a large network cluster of routers which drastically improves responses to downtime during any crisis. 

System has a major impact on the cost of ownership, allowing redistribution of other valuable resources.


Some of the RICON RMSC Management System Controller features include:

  • touchless installation by remote configuration,

  • device grouping

  • batch remote configuration,

  • scheduled remote configuration,

  • scheduled remote firmware upgrade/downgrade,

  • multiple simultaneous terminal configuration updates,

  • setting customized SLA warning thresholds,

  • SLA based live alarms,

  • live connectivity information,

  • live reports,

  • terminals detailed data stream info,

  • terminals detailed data stream reports for trend analyses,

  • terminals alarms reports for trend analyses