Eds is known as an electronic control system. EDs systems have become very necessary in order to control the flow of traffic and to improve transportation. Eds systems are designed with the aim of ensuring the safety of property and life by making a significant impact on the lives of people who drive and pedestrians.

It has been developed as a detection system that aims to ensure that the drivers comply with the traffic rules at the highest level and to ensure harmony between road drivers and pedestrians. In addition, with the increase in software and digitalization, eds systems appear as a system that constantly improves itself and increases the system variations in order to provide maximum benefit.

What are Eds System Applications?

There are multiple traffic control systems in the Eds system. These can be reproduced as those developed for detecting red light violations, average speed detection on the highway, parking violation detection systems and safety lane violation detection systems.

All these systems are to maximize the safety of life and property for drivers and pedestrians and to prevent possible accidents. The use of this eds system mechanism at almost every point today, except for exceptional cases, has provided a great benefit. Checkpoints and the eds system have encouraged people to be more careful on the road.

What is Red Light Violation Detection?

At the signalized intersection points, while the red light is on, the people passing by will violate the red light, and this increases the probability of an accident such as collision with vehicles coming from the opposite road. For this reason, it is very important to detect this violation. This system, especially the eds automation, which has been designed very carefully, offers opportunities such as plate detection, image and photography, video recording with the remote access method.

These eds automation systems are a centrally controlled collapsible system. The fact that it serves in high resolution makes it an indispensable element for traffic safety.

How to Detect Average Speed Violation?

Average speed control is a system that is chosen for users on a highway and is necessary for them to continue on the road without exceeding their safety. Located at the entrance and exit points of the road, this eds automation acts as a speed measurement mechanism. In this sense, it is a system that also measures how well the road signs are obeyed, which warns the drivers. These systems have imaging, video and remote access facilities.

Eds Systems Automation