Ricon has made a name for itself in many sectors from retail to health, from finance to education, especially in recent years. It is a system that promises rapid growth to many people, both individually and corporately, in order to adapt to the digitalizing world. In order to realize this process, the need for reliable and fast network solutions is increasing. Ricon offers industrial solutions to industries.

Ricon devices, which provide an uninterrupted network service in businesses and retail chains and produce solutions in mobile communication, get help from local and well-equipped engineers in design and development. It incorporates the industrial criteria and standards it provides in all its materials, the robustness of its equipment, and customized writings that meet different needs. It also carries the service quality to the upper levels by offering solutions in the most suitable economic configuration for stores and dealerships.

 What are the Preferences for Ricon?

Contributing to the development of integrated systems in production for many years, Ricon offers the most economical and appropriate solutions for dealerships and stores. Ricon devices try to provide uninterrupted communication by minimizing costs and using cellular network technology.

It is automatically installed by using only Ricon devices without the need to send employees to the dealers, and when a fault is detected, it eliminates the problem without the need to go to the dealer or store. In this case, it provides a significant financial savings and enables companies and stores to grow faster.

 Robotic Ricon Mobile Router in PLC Automations

Robotic Ricon mobile router in plc automation is to appear as an electro-mechanically controlled system in pneumatic materials, robots and equipments from production lines in factories. This system, which enables the materials to be transported to the next station according to their product codes and the order in the production line, provides a great gain in retail and merchandising. It is especially common in factory automation systems.

It is a system that minimizes the margin of error as the products are produced quickly and the production is carried out with robot mechanisms. It provides data entry, reading and communication according to the configuration of the designed program. Unlike conventional PLC systems, it is designed to withstand heavy chemical and physical conditions and to operate without deteriorating its stability. For this reason, it provides a fast, reliable and uninterrupted service to users and employees.

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