In today's conditions, the internet is becoming a product that is needed everywhere and at any time. With data communication, which is the greatest convenience of the Internet, workplaces and schools are no longer a fixed place. Many places now have wifi hotspots. Thanks to these points, people can easily connect to the internet from anywhere they want.

With the wifi service we provide to corporate companies as Ricon, companies provide data communication services to their employees and customers. Especially when traveling, many people do not want to experience communication breakdowns. Especially on long journeys, the internet is very important both for spending time and for business tracking.

Wifi Services

As Ricon, we provide wifi service in every area with our experienced team and superior devices. For long journeys, we offer internet service in vehicles for movements to both cars and public transportation vehicles. In this way, we help people to have easy access to the internet during their travels.

We offer the best devices in this field and the highest quality service in data communication. We offer internet service to passengers with 5G technology, especially for buses, thanks to the internet system in vehicles. The wifi services offered by our company can be applied to both individual vehicles and corporate vehicles.

Internet in Moving Vehicles

At Ricon, we offer the opportunity to use the internet in vehicles by combining 5G technology with special devices. Normal mobile communication lines are interrupted if there is no base station in the transition areas in moving vehicles. However, with the technology and special software we have used, we provide access to the internet on the move without any disconnection or freezing.

Thanks to the system we have used, there is no need for a base station for data communication. Internet access is taken directly via a satellite connection with special devices. In this way, passengers in moving vehicles can access the Internet from anywhere.

The wifi service applied to vehicles in motion may be at different prices depending on the type of vehicle. As Ricon, our primary goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price. If you want to have uninterrupted internet communication, you can reach us from the communication section of our website.

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