Law No. 5651 is a law enacted on the regulation of broadcasts in the internet field and discussion with crimes committed through these broadcasts. According to the aforementioned 5651 logging law, it creates a system that can be used by recording the institutions or applications that offer internet access. Regarding this situation, we become prepared with the law numbered 51. For this reason, 5651 logging issue is of great importance.

What is Logging Software System?

The Turkish equivalent of logging means recording. However, from a technical point of view, it is defined as software or files in which the activity records of every operation or application being made for the 5651 logging software that provides communication or can work in any equipment. The aforementioned 5651 logging software is of great importance within the scope of this system.

What are 5651 Logging Solutions?

5651 logging solutions, which is an important concept, are used in order to prevent crimes committed in the internet area, to find out who is using the internet lines used by business centers and to record for what purpose they use them. The aforementioned 5651 logging solutions aim to find the main objectives of the law, by means of these records, to easily find the crimes or illegal transactions that are being committed from the internet services for the people who use them collectively.

5661 What is the Scope of Logging?

5651 consists of people who are the content provider within the scope of the transport, the hosting provider, and the students at the access point of the companies of the bulk city passenger flights being processed over the web. 5651 logistics services are loaded from the companies that benefit from the beneficiaries.

This is the logging process in the first place. Logging is to "exhibit system controls as a construct that can receive and log." According to this, within the scope of the law numbered 5651, logging teaches the movements on the internet that benefit from the services provided in obtaining internet service.

Logging in accordance with Law No. 5651