With the Ricon connection, voice and data transfer are transmitted on the same device. The Ricon application system also reduces billing costs. To provide an efficient work by reducing the communication cost. The Ricon system is installed in almost all stores.

All routers are registered to the ricon system and all stores request configuration with the connected serial number. As a result of Ricon distribution, the store opens without having to wait for the fixed line delivery time. Supports brand, router and management.

Thanks to ricon connection solutions for shops and banks, they have achieved great savings. It ensures that all needs are met on the same device.

Ricon Connection Solutions for Banks

The Ricon system provides a reliable and fast wireless network setup. Customers using the technology reliably benefit from the network. It is a system that closely cooperates with customers. It is uninterrupted thanks to its dual SIM functionality. There is a security mechanism to prevent manipulations encountered.

It collects central statistics to avoid delays such as uptime per device, network connection, signal strength. It provides central control for the configuration method. It provides the user with a high-performance use on ricon connection solutions hardware for banks.

Recognizes any problem, produces solutions, evaluates, controls. It has control over multiple devices at the same time. It has a large contribution to the cost of owning resources.

Remote installation is provided without touching. Batch includes remote configuration. Remote configuration planning is done. Live connection and virtual information transfer are provided. Analysis and detailed data flow are provided.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Industrial automation is very useful for maintaining competitiveness. It's getting harder to establish a secure, continuous connection between industrial devices. However, many advantages are obtained with the ricon connection system.

It is prepared in accordance with cellular network technology. It provides convenience with its easy and automatic installation. It makes backups online. The backup feature provides convenience for ricon connection solutions for banks. If there is a loss due to the network, this will immediately eliminate the problem. It ensures business continuity and minimizes network failure. It also does software updates. It also supports scheduling operations.

Ricon Connection Solutions for Banks