The concept of SCADA is an acronym in English that emerged by reading the first letters of the words "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition". By means of the scada system, which has a very comprehensive and integrated data-based monitoring and control system, an automatic control, monitoring and reporting of the results of all units, starting from production planning, from environmental control unit systems to auxiliary enterprises, can be provided within the control of all equipment belonging to a facility or enterprise.

What Does a SCADA System Do?

SCADA systems are a system that includes many features. Thanks to the SCADA system, the facilities are largely modeled in the control room of the facilities. The general condition of the facility can be checked from the screens where the SCADA software is located. However, thanks to the SCADA system, operators dominate in many subjects such as determining any malfunction or working conditions of the devices, making analyzes for recipes, efficiency and productivity.

What is Scada Automation?

Automasonry is the process of doing things by means of automatic tools without human labor in management, scientific or technical works in the industry. Within the scope of this definition, SCADA automation applications also have a great importance. The aforementioned concept of automation constitutes an important type of software that constitutes the highest layer of the automation architecture in both the world of control and automation and provides the user interface of the system to the operators.

What is SCADA Gas Systems?

Scada gas systems, which are of great importance, are a system that performs many functions. Especially on gas pipelines used within the scope of infrastructure operations, SCADA gas systems application is used. Scada system refers to all of the central systems that provide control and monitoring of all sites.

What is SCADA Energy Systems?

Especially in the SCADA energy systems market, the systems developed with the aim of giving the most optimum and efficient response to the demands and the continuity of these SCADA energy systems applications are extremely important. SCADA energy systems are generally used in industrial processes. Refining, production, electricity generation and similar applications can be given as examples to the mentioned industrial processes.

Scada Gas And Energy Systems Automation